Leaderboard for 2022 Needham Bank Series.

As a reminder, only those that complete 3 LIVE races are eligible for Cash Prizes (1st Place  = $TBD, 2nd place = $TBD and 3rd place = $TBD). If you feel there is an error in the leaderboard results or have a question, please contact us immediately so that we can help you out. When this happens the leaderboard may be revised.

NOTE: Some Independence Day race times were adjusted to compensate for a chip timing malfunction.  No time was added to compensate for the course distance being slightly under the 5k standard.  Overall, whoever ran the race got a nice bonus.



2022 Mens Leaderboard FINAL

2022 WOMEN’S LEADERBOARD (11.15.22)

2022 Womens Leaderboard FINAL


In addition to actual times leaderboard, we are happy to report that, thanks to the generosity of Needham Bank’s support of the series, we are able to bring back the “Age Graded” leaderboard! 

In order to qualify, runners must run THREE “LIVE/IN PERSON” races to qualify. Unfortunately virtual race times will not count.

What is “Age Graded”? An age-grading percentage provides a way of measuring and comparing the quality of a running performance. A calculation is carried out that takes into account the age and the sex of the runner and produces a single percentage value. This value can then be used to compare performances between males and females and across different ages and distances.

PRIZES ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1st ($100) 2nd ($75) 3rd ($50) 4th ($25) 5th ($10). Runners who win a prize in the “Actual Time” results (above) are not eligible to win the “Age-Graded” prize as well. Our goal is to reward as many people as possible. 

2022 MEN’s AGE GRADED LEADERBOARD (revised 11.15.22)



2022 WOMEN’s AGE GRADED LEADERBOARD (revised 11.15.22)




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